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Animal Health

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
952LIRA GOLD®LIRA GOLD® Calf Command4lb | 6 per case-
1486LIRA GOLD®LIRA GOLD® Calf Command25lb80
878LIRA GOLD®LIRA GOLD® Original Formula50lb40
1485LIRA GOLD®LIRA Hydrolyte Calf50lb40
928LIRA GOLD®LIRA Hydrolyte Cow50lb40
1432LIRA GOLD®LIRA Gold® OC-DFM50lb40
960LIRA GOLD®LIRA Gold® TN+40lb50
1476LIRA GOLD®LIRA Gold® Fresh Cow Power Cap-Pak12/case-
1487LIRA GOLD®LIRA MicroGold D-Cal30gm | 128/case-
1488LIRA GOLD®LIRA MicroGold VTM21gm | 128/case-
1439LIRA GOLD®LIRA MicroGold NiaStart13.5gm | 40/case-
1447LIRA GOLD®LIRA GOLD® Niastart34gm | 128/case-
1473LIRA GOLD®LIRA GOLD® Golden Day 1 Syringe30gm | 25/case-
1448LIRA GOLD®LIRA MicroGold Pecti-MOS12gm | 40/case-
7931Trouw NutritionCow Drink25lb-
2246Trouw NutritionProtimax for Calves | Drum44.09lb-
8333KEMIN®CloSTAT DFM55.1lb40
8118KEMIN®Kemin KALLSIL™55.1lb40
7823KEMIN®KemTRACE® Chromium .0450lb40
8337KEMIN®MetiPEARL™ Amino Acid55.1lb40
1315KEMIN®MycoCurb Dry55.1lb40
8193KEMIN®NutroCal 10055.1lb40
8380KEMIN®Kemin USA Lysine®55.1lb40
8753KEMIN®Kem Glo Dry | Egg Quality55.1lb40
7627KEMIN®OroGlo | Egg Quality55.1lb40
7652Ralco Birthright Pig Milk25lb80
7654Ralco Ralco Fight Strong™
8052Ralco Regano Ex35lb40
7656Ralco Ralco Stand Strong™ for Ruminants50lb40
7699Ralco Stand Strong™ for Ruminants MM35lb40
7646Ralco Ralco Start Strong™ for Calves250ml | 9/case-
7734RalcoRapid Strike for Calf Scours250ml | 9/case-
8044Bio-Impact™Bio-Impact™ Caps Max55.1lb24
7787Bio-Impact™Bio-Impact™ Ruminant55lb40
8105-Micro-Aid Feed Grade50lb-
7608-CHR Hansen Probios50lb40
978AlltechAcid All55.1lb40
8149AlltechAllzyme® SSF55.1lb40
988AlltechAllzyme® Veg-Pro55.1lb40
1183AlltechBio-Mos® Water Soluble11lb-
1174AlltechBio-Mos® Water Soluble55.1lb40
1097AlltechIntegral® A+55.1lb40
1016AlltechLactos Mos55.1lb40
985AlltechLacto Sac Mixing55.1lb40
1169AlltechOptigen® II55.1lb40
8151AlltechSelect GH®55.1lb40
7712AlltechSel Plex® 200055.1lb40

Bedding & Fresheners

Item #BrandTypeProductSizePallet
9801American Wood FibersShavingsEco Flake3ft2 | 7.5 CF Usable Volume45
9822American Wood FibersShavingsMini Flake2ft2 | 2 CF Usable Volume55
9810American Wood FibersBeddingBedding Pellets | Equine40lb | 1 CF Usable Volume50
9807Cedar FiberShavingsShavings Fine2ft2 | 5 CF45
9804Country BoyShavingsPine Medium Flake3ft3 | 7 CF expanded45
9823CowboyShavingsPine Medium Flake Shavings3ft3 | 8 CF loose45
7035MarthShavingsPine Medium, Flake Shavings2.7 | 5.9 loose50
9814SuncoastShavingsLarge Flake Shavings | OMRI Approved2.66ft3 | 10 CF expanded45
9815SuncoastShavingsMini Flake Shavings | OMRI Approved2.66ft3 | 8 CF expanded45
9812BestCobBeddingHorse Bedding40lb50
9802-BeddingCedar Fiber Bedding36lb | 3 CF55
9818Green Products CompanyBeddingGround Cob Bedding40lb50
1480Red Lake EarthFreshenersDiatomaceous Earth Crystals40lb55
1308Red Lake EarthFreshenersDiatomaceous Earth Powder40lb50
8834MistralFreshenersSanitizing & Drying Agent40lb-
9791Sweet PDZFreshenersHorse Sweet PDZ | Granular40lb50
9794Sweet PDZFreshenersHorse Sweet PDZ | Powder40lb50
9892Sweet PDZFreshenersCoop Refresher | Granular for Poultry10lb/case-

Bird Seed

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
1262Des Moines Feed Co.New Horizon Canary Mix50lb40
1205Des Moines Feed Co.Cardinal Brand Wild Bird Feed25lb80
1204Des Moines Feed Co.Cardinal Brand Wild Bird Feed50lb40
1258Des Moines Feed Co.New Horizon Cockatiel Mix50lb40
1592Des Moines Feed Co.Cracked Corn50lb40
1291Des Moines Feed Co.Corn | Ear35lb40
1195Des Moines Feed Co.Dove Mix50lb40
1285Des Moines Feed Co.ECS Premium Wild Bird Feed25lb80
1282Des Moines Feed Co.ECS Premium Wild Bird Feed50lb40
1231Des Moines Feed Co.New Horizon Finch Mix50lb40
1230Des Moines Feed Co.Millet | Red50lb40
1223Des Moines Feed Co.Millet | White50lb40
1222Des Moines Feed Co.Milo | Red50lb40
1233Des Moines Feed Co.Milo | White50lb40
1243Des Moines Feed Co.Nyjer Seed (Thistle)8lb | 6/case-
1247Des Moines Feed Co.Nyjer Seed (Thistle)20lb80
1211Des Moines Feed Co.Nyjer Seed (Thistle)50lb40
1255Des Moines Feed Co.New Horizon Parakeet Mix50lb40
1239Des Moines Feed Co.New Horizon Parrot Mix30lb-
1227Des Moines Feed Co.Peanuts | Reject (Shelled)50lb40
1232Des Moines Feed Co.Peanuts In Shell50lb40
1197Des Moines Feed Co.Safflower Seed50lb40
1235Des Moines Feed Co.Scratch | Hen (Coarse)50lb40
1129Des Moines Feed Co.Scratch Grain | Medium50lb40
1203Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Seed | Black/Oil25lb80
1199Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Seed | Black/Oil50lb40
1193Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Seed | Stripe25lb80
1192Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Seed | Stripe40lb40
1198Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Heart Chips | Coarse50lb40
1194Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Heart Chips | Medium50lb40
1196Des Moines Feed Co.Sunflower Heart Chips | Fine50lb40
1188Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Breeder with Popcorn50lb40
1242Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon DLX Racer | No Corn50lb40
1191Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Flyer | No Corn50lb40
1190Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Flyer | With Corn50lb40
1260Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Grit Gray50lb40
1280Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Grit Red50lb40
1189Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon High Energy50lb40
1286Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon King 4550lb40
1238Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Mix | No Corn50lb40
1293Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Pellets 18%50lb40
1283Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Pellets 25%50lb40
1281Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Pellets 40%50lb40
1641Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Premium 2250lb40
1224Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Regular Mix | With Corn50lb40
1220Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Special | No Corn50lb40
1275Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Tumbler Mix50lb40
1273Des Moines Feed Co.Pigeon Squab Builder50lb40
1268-Berry Blend Suet Cakes12/case-
1269-Wild Bird Suet Cakes12/case-
1270-Peanut Blend Suet Cakes12/case-


Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
2097NutraCor®NutraCal BalanX 60 | 3050lb56
0000NutraCor®NutraCal Enhance 70 | 2050lb56
1528Milk SpecialtiesEnergy Booster MERGE | Dairy50lb40
1515Milk SpecialtiesEnergy Booster 100® | Dairy50lb40
1520Milk SpecialtiesFat Pack 100 | Swine50lb40
1522Milk SpecialtiesFat Pack 100 | Horse50lb40
2095NutraCor®NutraCal CS Calcium Salt50lb56
2096NutraCor®NutraCal CS Calcium Salt2000lb-
1873NutraCor®High Palmetic50lb40
1875NutraCor®High Palmetic Tote2000lb-
1662NutraCor®StearoLac Balanced Palmetic/StearoLac50lb56
1589Virtus NutritionEnerGII2000lb-
1719Virtus NutritionEnerG32000lb-
1539Virtus NutritionPrequel55.1lb40
1535Virtus NutritionStrataTM55.1lb40
1593Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionESSENTIOMTM50lb48
1517Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionMEGALAC®50lb48
8213Perdue AgriBusinessCal-Fat55.1lb48
1874Perdue AgriBusinessMega-Fat 8855.1lb48
8267Perdue AgriBusinessSpectrum Distinct50lb52
8268Perdue AgriBusinessSpectrum Distinct1,433lb-
1540Perdue AgriBusinessSpectrum Fusion50lb56
1533Perdue AgriBusinessSpectrum Fusion2,000lb-
7852Perdue AgriBusinessProPalm85™50lb40
1908Perdue AgriBusinessProPalm85™2000lb-
2093Perdue AgriBusinessEndense™50lb-

Feed Quality

Item #TypeBrandProductSizePallet
7758Anti-Caking AgentsAnparioOrego Stim Dry55.1lb40
7752Anti-Caking AgentsAnparioAnpario Anpro UB55.1lb40
7753Anti-Caking AgentsAnparioAnpario Anpro Advance55.1lb40
7981Anti-Caking AgentsAnpariopHorce55.1lb40
8200Anti-Caking AgentsPhibroOmniGen-AF | Granular55.1lb40
8207Anti-Caking AgentsPhibroOmniGen Pro55.1lb40
8138Anti-Caking AgentsPhibroAnimate®55.1lb40
1949Anti-Caking AgentsPhibroAB20®55lb40
7622Anti-Caking Agents-Bio-fix Plus Pro55.1lb40
8117Anti-Caking AgentsACG ProductsFeed-Bond50lb40
8192Anti-Caking Agents-NovaSil Plus55.1lb48
1000Pellet Binders | Uniscope-Super-Lube50lb40
8400Pellet Binders | Uniscope-XTRA-Dry20lb-
1115Pellet Binders | Uniscope-Pelunite Plus50lb50
1054Pellet Binders | Uniscope-Ameribond Binder 2x55.1lb40
8121Mold InhibitorsTrouw NutritionMyco-Lock®50lb40
8148Mold InhibitorsAlltechMold Zap 25%55.1lb40
1315Mold InhibitorsKeminMycro CURB® Dry55.1lb40
8043Mold InhibitorsInternational Stock FoodRation Guard50lb40


Item #TypeBrandProductSizePallet
3023AlfalfaLaCrosse SeedFF.A3 XC-1 CPF50lb-
3012AlfalfaLaCrosse SeedPremium Brand50lb-
3103AlfalfaLaCrosse SeedVernal - PL50lb-
3049AlfalfaLaCrosse SeedWL 358 (Leaf Hopper Tolerant)50lb-
3015CloverLaCrosse SeedRed Carpet 3 YR XL 99050lb-
3109CloverLaCrosse SeedMammoth Red50lb-
3108CloverLaCrosse SeedMedium Red50lb-
3112CloverLaCrosse SeedLadino Orion XL White XC1-CP50lb-
3122CloverLaCrosse SeedWhite Dutch50lb-
3110CloverLaCrosse SeedRadium XL Alsike50lb-
3120Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedBromegrass | Smooth50lb-
3195Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedBromegrass Smooth XL25lb-
2946Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedFestulolium | Fusion50lb-
2901Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedKentucky Blugrass | Balin50lb-
2908Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedOrchardgrass FSG Echelon25lb-
3194Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedOrchardgrass FFA Haymate XL25lb-
3127Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedReed Canarygrass | Defiant XL50lb-
3118Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedTimothy | Climax50lb-
3167Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedTimothy | Top Tim XL50lb-
3121Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedTall Fescue | Fawn50lb-
0000Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedRyegrass | Calibra Tetraploid50lb-
3124Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedRyegrass | Perennial50lb-
3125Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedColdsnap Annual Ryegrass50lb-
2939Field GrassesLaCrosse SeedNitrous Winter Triticale50lb-
2939Hay & Pasture MixesLaCrosse SeedTritical50lb-
2948Hay & Pasture MixesLaCrosse SeedGrass Pasture Mix - Grassmaster50lb
3006Balanced MixturesLaCrosse SeedVersagrass25lb-
3034Balanced MixturesLaCrosse SeedAlfalfa- Based Forage Mix50lb-
3146Balanced MixturesLaCrosse Seed715 Forage Mix XC50lb-
30222Balanced MixturesLaCrosse SeedAll Purpose Pasture Mix50lb
3136GrainsLaCrosse SeedOats | Certified50lb-
3126GrainsLaCrosse SeedRye Grain | Winter56lb-
3169GrainsLaCrosse SeedRye Grain | Winter2,240lb-
3155GrainsLaCrosse SeedWheat | Spring1bu-
3170GrainsLaCrosse SeedWheat | Winter HR50lb-
3177GrainsLaCrosse SeedWheat | Winter Tote2,000lb-
3106GrainsLaCrosse SeedBarley1bu-
3030Food PlotLaCrosse SeedDeer Country Field Mix25lb-
3038Food PlotLaCrosse SeedDeer Country Trail Mix25lb-
3032Food PlotLaCrosse SeedDeer Country Point Builder25lb-
3160Food PlotLaCrosse SeedBulls-Eye Turnips2lb-
3150Food PlotLaCrosse SeedPurple Top Turnips2lb-
3179Cover CropLaCrosse SeedRadish Tillage50lb-
790024101Silage SheetingAgFlex24' x 100'--
790024100Silage SheetingAgFlex24' x 200'--
790032100Silage SheetingAgFlex32' x 100'--
790032150Silage SheetingAgFlex32' x 150'--
790040100Silage SheetingAgFlex40' x 100'--
790040150Silage SheetingAgFlex40' x 150'--
790040200Silage SheetingAgFlex40' x 200'--
790050100Silage SheetingAgFlex50' x 100'--
790050150Silage SheetingAgFlex50' x 150'--
790050200Silage SheetingAgFlex50' x 200'--
790060100Silage SheetingAgFlex60' x 100'--
790060150Silage SheetingAgFlex60' x 150'--
790060200Silage SheetingAgFlex60' x 200'--
790601000Silage SheetingAgFlex60' x 1,000'--
790080150Silage SheetingAgFlex80' x 150'--
790008100Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-8' x 100'--
790008150Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-8' x 150'--
790008200Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-8' x 200'--
790008250Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-8' x 250'--
790008300Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-8' x 300'--
790009135Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-9' x 135'--
790009150Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-9' x 150'--
790009200Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-9' x 200'--
790009250Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-9' x 250'--
790009300Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-9' x 300'--
790010150Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-10' x 150'--
790010200Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-10' x 200'--
790010250Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-10' x 250'--
790010300Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-10' x 300'--
790012250Ag Flex Silage & Grain Bags-12' x 250'--
8412Preservatives-Hay Max Prop. | Drum450lb-
8411Preservatives-Hay Max Prop. | Tote2,400lb-
8414Inoculants-Sila Max50lb-
8425Inoculants-Sila Max Water Soluable12/case-
790000014Cordex Agri7,200' Sisal Twine425 Knot Strength60
790000024Cordex Agri9,000' Sisal Twine350 Knot Strength60
790000034Cordex Agri16,000' Sisal Twine190 Knot Strength60
790000032Cordex Agri16,000' Untreated Sisal Twine190 Knot Strength60
790000090Cordex Agri20,000' Sisal Binder Twine-40
790000220Cordex Agri4,000' Plastic Twine350 Knot Strength112
790000230Cordex Agri4,000' Plastic Twine440 Knot Strength112
790000200Cordex Agri7,200' Plastic Twine170 Knot Strength50
790000210Cordex Agri9,000' Plastic Twine130 Knot Strength110
790000260Cordex Agri9,600' Plastic Twine170 Knot Strength90
790000240Cordex Agri20,000' Plastic Twine (double)110 Knot Strength75
790000250Cordex Agri20,000' Plastic Twine (double)125 Knot Strength50
790000390Cordex Agri20,000' Biodegradeable Plastic110 Knot Strength80
790000047Cordex Agri20,000' Single Ball Plastic110 Knot Strength80
790000300Cordex AgriBale Wrap 64" x 7,000'Roll16
790000103Cordex AgriBale Wrap Extreme 64" x 7,000'Roll16
790000310Cordex AgriBale Wrap 64" x 8,800'Roll16
790000320Cordex AgriBale Wrap 67" x 7,000'Roll16
790000330Cordex AgriBale Wrap 67" x 8,000'Roll16
790000360Cordex AgriBale Wrap 48" x 9,840'Roll16
790000380Cordex AgriBale Wrap 51" x 9,840'Roll16
790000410Cordex AgriBale Wrap 51" x 11,800'Roll16
790305000Cordex AgriSilacord™Roll40

Home & Farm

Item #BrandProduct TypeProductSizePallet
9825Bear MountainGrilling PelletsHickory20lb96
9826Bear MountainGrilling PelletsSavory BBQ20lb96
9827Bear MountainGrilling PelletsApple20lb96
9828American Wood FibersAmerica's Choice Grilling PelletsMesquite20lb100
9796-AbsorbentsOIL-DRI (Poly) 32qt40lb60
9797-AbsorbentsSweeping Compound50lb40
540103569-Air Pollution and Exhaust ReductionDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)2.5 Gal. Jug w/Spout80
9990-BootsDisposable Boots 6ml | 50/boxXL-
26604LaCrosse FootwearBootsBURLY™ 18" Green Chevron CleatedMen's Size 5-15-
26004LaCrosse FootwearBootsInsulated Pac 12" GreenMen's Size 5-15-
26704LaCrosse FootwearBootsInsulated 2 Buckle 18" GreenMen's Size 6-14-
18901LaCrosse FootwearBootsInsulated Knee Boot 16" BlackMen's Size 6-15-
602240LaCrosse FootwearBootsAlpha Range | Insulated 14" BlackMen's Size 7-16-
650062182Hudson SprayersSprayerPoly Super Sprayer2 gal-
650062183Hudson SprayersSprayerPoly Super Sprayer3 gal-
720000303Earthway SpeadersBroadcast SpreaderHandheld Broadcast Spreader | Model 17012-
720000300Earthway SpeadersBroadcast SpreaderShoulder Broadcast Spreader | Model 2750--
720002150Earthway SpeadersBroadcast SpreaderCommercial 50lb Broadcast Spreader | Model 215050lb-
720002170Earthway SpeadersBroadcast SpreaderCommercial 100lb Broadcast Spreader | Model 2170100lb-
DL1325DryletManure Odor & Gas ReductionManure Magic | Manure Additive25lb pail36
512180774ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-5/8'' x 25' | 150 PSI-
512180773ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-5/8'' x 50' | 150 PSI-
512180776ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-5/8'' x 75' | 150 PSI-
512180771ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-3/4'' x 25' | 150 PSI-
512180772ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-3/4'' x 50' | 150 PSI-
512180777ECS BrandsHeavy Duty Garden Hose-3/4'' x 75' | 150 PSI-


Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
1001-Alfalfa Meal 16%50lb40
1002-Alfalfa Pellets 16%50lb40
1089-Barley | Cleaned Whole50lb40
1010-Barley | Steam Rolled | Diamond50lb40
994-Barley | Steam Rolled, ECS50lb40
1011-Beet Pulp Shreds (w/Molasses)30lb65
892-Beet Pulp Pellets w/o Molasses50lb40
1012-Bentonite 90 (Granular)50lb49
1013-Bentonite 200 | Mesh (Powder)50lb49
1949-Bentonite AB2055lb40
1014-Blood Meal 85%50lb40
1810-Blood Plasma AP920 (APC)55.140
1015-Bone Meal50lb40
1505-Cheese Meal Pro 8850lb40
1026-Corn Gluten Meal 60%50lb40
894-Gluten Pellets50lb40
1592-Corn | Cracked, Non-GMO50lb40
1287-Corn | Whole Shelled, Cleaned, Non-GMO50lb40
1292-Corn | Coarse Cut50lb40
1038-Corn Starch50lb40
1022-Corn | Steam Flake50lb40
1020-Cottonseed Meal 38%50lb40
1023-Cottonseed | Whole "Fuzzy"50lb40
1024-Cottonseed Hulls40lb50
1027-Cottonseed Hull Pellets50lb40
1036-Dextrose | Corn Sugar50lb40
1308-Diatomaceous Earth | Red Lake | Powder40lb50
1480-Diatomaceous Earth | Red Lake | Crystals40lb55
1271-Diatomaceous Earth | Fossil Shell50lb36
1030-Dicalcium Phosphate 18- 1/2%50lb55
1029-Dicalcium 21% B & B Premium50lb40
1028-Dicalcium Phosphate 21% (Monocal)50lb49
1099-Distiller's Grains50lb40
1944-Egg Dried | Feed Grade50lb40
981-Feather Meal50lb40
1034-Fish Meal 60%50lb40
1314-Flax | Ground50lb40
1267-Acadian Kelp50lb40
1141-Lime | Free Flo50lb40
1144-Lime | Unical-F50lb40
1160-Lime | Unical "M"50lb40
1143-Lime | Unical "P"50lb41
1140-Lime | Coarse Barn50lb40
1142-Lime | Lawn & Garden50lb40
1150-Lime | Hydrated50lb45
1040-Linseed Meal 34%50lb40
1039-Linseed Pellets50lb40
1048-Meat Scraps Pork Meal50lb40
1042-Molasses | Dry-Westway Premium | 42%50lb40
980-Molasses | Dry- OMALASS | 38%50lb40
1110-Oatmeal | Feeding50lb40
1106-Oats | Ground Steam Rolled50lb40
1166-Oats | Bin Run50lb40
1164-Oats | Bin Run Tote2000lb-
1072-Oats | Pulverized50lb40
1073-Oats | Race Horse50lb40
1077-Oats | Steam Crimped50lb40
1069-Oats | DIAMOND Steam Rolled50lb40
1068-Oats | Yaggie Steam Rolled50lb40
3165-Canadian Field Peas50lb40
7900-Potassium Chloride | Red50lb50
7901-Potassium Chloride | Red | Totes2000lb-
7921Potassium Chloride | White50lb50
7905-Potassium/Mag/ Sulfate (Dynamate)50lb48
2403Sodium SesQcarb50lb40
984-Sodium Bicarb | Natural50lb49
1128-Soy Hulls50lb40
1172-Soy Hull Pellets50lb40
1105-Soybean Meal 46% HiPro50lb40
1111-Soybean Ground Extruded Whole50lb40
1086-Soybean Pellets 46.5%50lb40
1112-Soybeans | Whole Roasted50lb40
1100Dairy Nutrition PlusSoy Plus® | 41%50lb40
1175Dairy Nutrition PlusSoychlor® 16-7 Meal50lb40
1119-Urea | Feed Grade50lb40
1185-Whey | Spray Dried50lb40
1137-Yeast | B&B50lb40
1156Diamond VNutriTek®50lb40
1129Diamond VOriginal XP®50lb40
1127Diamond VDiaMune® Se | Yeast, Swine50lb50
1146Diamond VXPC® Green50lb40
1135Diamond VOriginal XPC®50lb40
1138Diamond VNaturSafe50lb40
1516Diamond VDecad Plus50lb40
7765Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionA-MAXTM Concentrate50lb40
2099Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionA-MAXTM UltraTM50lb40
1019Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionBIO-CHLORTM50lb40
1880Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCELMANAX Dry50lb40
1109Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCELMANAX SCP55lb40
1881Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCELMANAX Liquid Case2.5gal | 2/Case40
1927Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCELMANAX Liquid Drum55gal4
1931Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCELMANAX Liquid Tote250gal-
8049Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCERTILLUSTM Dairy50lb40
8051Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionCERTILLUSTM Calf LC Jar1kg12/case
1948Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionKULACTICTM50lb40
1517Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionMEGALAC®50lb48
1095Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionARM & HAMMERTM SODIUM BICARBONATE50lb55
2098Arm & Hammer Animal NutritionB.G. Max50lb40
1053Double SCorn Oil With Cherry Flavor40lb50
1056Double SHANDI PAK (9-5)50lb40
1076Double SHANDI PAK (9-5)500lb4
1075Double SHANDI PAK (9-5) No Valve2000lb1
1060Double SLiquid Molasses 55 Gal500lb4
1064Double SRedy Pak (6-0)50lb40
1162-Mineral Oil Tote1900lb-
1248-Mineral Oil Drum400lb-
1459-Mineral Oil Jug40lb-
8420-Butterscotch Concentrate Flavorper lb-
1120-Refined Soyoil Jug40lb-
976-Bulk Refined Soyoil Drum420lb-
1046-Bulk Refined Soyoil Tote2000lb-
-Crest FlavorsApple--
-Crest FlavorsButterscotch--
-Crest FlavorsCaramel--
-Crest FlavorsCherry--
-Crest FlavorsMaple--
-Crest FlavorsStrawberry--
-Crest FlavorsWild Berry--

Insect Control

Item #Application TypeBrandProductSizePallet
9459Spray or FogProZapAqueous Fly Spray1gal-
9230Spray or FogProZapBeef & Dairy RTU1gal-
9231Spray or FogProZapBeef & Dairy RTU2.5gal-
8816BackrubbersProZapA-Line Dust Bageach-
9490Pour-on or BackrubbersProZapBackrubber and Pour-On2.5gal-
9151Aerosol SprayProZapDy-Fly® Dairy Aerosol25oz-
9685Hanging Fly StripProZapInsect Guard (18.6% Vapona)each-
8785Spray or BackrubbersProZapInsectrin X Concentrate8oz-
8795Spray or BackrubbersProZapInsectrin X Concentrate1qt-
8735Spray or BackrubbersProZapInsectrin X Concentrate1 gal-
9131Aerosol FoggerProZapLD-44Z Insect Fogger20oz-
9325DustProZapGarden & Poultry Dust2lb-
9460SprayProZapVIP Insect Spray (Pyrethrin)1 gal-
9462SprayProZapVIP Insect Spray (Pyrethrin)2.5gal-
8810BackrubbersProZapInsectrin Dust Bag Kit12.5lb | 2/box-
8932RefillProZapInsectrin Dust Bag Refills12.5lb-
8357-JustiFLY®JustiFLY® 3%50lb40
8360-JustiFLY®JustiFLY® 0.67% Diflubenzuron Premix50lb40
8358-JustiFLY®JustiFLY® Feedthrough360gm | 6 per case-
8364-JustiFLY®JustiFLY® Fly-A-Salt Block44lb50
8536-ClariFly®ClariFly® Larvicide 26740lb35
8352-ClariFly®ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock Premix 0.67%50lb40
8355-ClariFly®Clarifly® Add-Pack25lb80
8332--Rabon® 7.7650lb40
7704--Altosid Premix .4%25lb80
9705SprayStarbarProlate Lintox-HD1gal-
9700Spray or BackrubbersStarbarProlate Lintox-HD1qt-
8028-Bio-Impact™Bio-Impact™ Garlic 12X50lb24
8037-Bio-Impact™Bio-Impact™ Stess Shield XL20lb24
9770RubPH White Co.10' Cow Life-Cattle RubEach-
9780RubPH White Co.22 Face FlypsPack-
9775RubPH White Co.Fly BulletEach-
9785RubPH White Co.5' Cow Life Cattle RubEach-
5888CropsWinfieldMax-Kill Dust-A-Cide 6 | Malathion50lb-
9306CropsDrexelMalathion 5 EC Insecticide2.5gal | 2/case-
9305CropsDrexelMalathion 5 EC Insecticide1gal | 4/case-
9135Home Pest ControlEnforcerBug Max 365 RTU Enforcer1qt-
9136Home Pest ControlEnforcerBug Max 365 RTU Enforcer1gal-
5230Grain Bin ControlInsectoInsecto25lb-
9683BaitStarbarGolden Malrin Fly Bait10lb-
9515Supply & SprayCountry VetDispenser with 2 RefillsEach-
9516SupplyCountry VetDispenser OnlyEach-
9525SprayCountry VetBug Killer II Refill6.25oz-
9530Air FreshenerCountry VetAir Freshener Refill--
9500SprayBASFWasp & Hornet16oz12
8302-HuvepharmaTERMI-FLY® 3%50lb40
7977-ElancoAgita® 10 WG2.2lb | 9/case-

Livestock Equipment

Item #TypeBrandProductSize
780035020Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar20 bu. | No Pen-
780035021Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar20 bu. | With Pen-
780035039Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar40 bu. | No Pen-
780035040Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar40 bu. | With 2 Pens-
780035080Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar80 bu. | No Pen-
780035081Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar80 bu. | With 2 Pens-
780035150Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar150 bu. | No Pen-
780035151Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar150 bu. | With 2 Pens-
780035001Creep FeederBazooka FarmstarTonner-
780035180Creep FeederBazooka Farmstar150 bu. Steer Finisher | No Pens-
S2038HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 20' x 38"
S1838HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 18' x 38"
S1638HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 16' x 38"
S1438HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 14' x 38"
S1238HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 12' x 38"
S1038HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 10' x 38"
S838HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 8' x 38"
S638HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 6' x 38"
S438HOGLHVictory Hog GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 4' x 38"
S2050STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 20' x 50"
S1850STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 18' x 50"
S1650STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 16' x 50"
S1450STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 14' x 50"
S1250STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 12' x 50"
S1050STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 10' x 50"
S850STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 8' x 50"
S650STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 6' x 50"
S450STKLHVictory Cattle GateSiouxPrarie Gold | 16 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 4' x 50"
SR1850GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 18' x 50"
SR1650GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 16' x 50"
SR1450GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 14' x 50"
SR1250GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 12' x 50"
SR1050GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 10' x 50"
SR850GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 8' x 50"
SR650GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 6' x 50"
SR450GDNLHGuardian Cattle GateSiouxRed | 18 Gauge | 6 Bars | 2 Bar Uprights2" x 4' x 50"
S173781Gate HingesSiouxJ-Bolt Kit with 2" Clamps, Plated, 2/Gate-
S174874Gate HingesSiouxJ-Bolt Kit with 2" Clamps, Plated, 12 Pieces-
S168750Gate HingesSioux2" Adjustable, Standard, Plated, 2/Gate-
S172795Gate HingesSioux2" Adjustable, Standard, Plated, 12 Pieces-
S168760Gate HingesSioux2" Adjustable, Heavy Duty, Plated, 2/Gate-
S174875Gate HingesSioux2" Adjustable, Heavy Duty, Plated, 8 Pieces-
S179218Mineral FeederSiouxGround Mineral Feeder-
S198915Mineral FeederSiouxKit Mineral Feeder Flap Upgrade-
S15493Mineral FeederSiouxPoly Mineral Feeder Windvane-
S171642Mineral FeederSiouxKit-Dust Bag (Dust Insecticides Only)-
S164646Mineral FeederSiouxDust Bag Replacement-
S168229Mineral FeederSiouxKit-Poly Tip Yank (Oil Insecticides Only)-
S167887Mineral FeederSiouxOiler Mop Replacement-
SO83HFBale FeederSiouxOpen Bottom | 3 Piece Round | 8' Slant Bars1 5/8" 16 gauge frame
SC83HFBale FeederSiouxClosed Bottom | 3 Piece Round | 8' Slant Bars | Steel | Lower Closure1 5/8" 16 gauge frame
SC83HFMBale FeederSiouxClosed Bottom | 3 Piece Round Haymax Feeder | Bale Cradle1 5/8" 16 gauge frame
SH83HFBale FeederSiouxClosed Bottom| 3 Piece Round Horse Feeder | 8' | Steel | Lower Enclosure1 5/8" 16 gauge frame
SC653HFBale FeederSiouxOpen Bottom | 3 Piece Round Calf/Sheep Feeder | 6½ Slant Bars1 1/8" 16 gauge frame
SB853HFBale FeederSioux3 Piece Bull Feeder | Shield | 8 ½' Slant Bars2" frame & 1 5/8" slant bar
SDS83HFBale FeederSioux3 Piece Double Slant feeder | 8' Bottom | Tapered 6½" Top2" frame & 1 5/8"slant bar
RFMBale FeederTarter Farm and Ranch EquipmentTarter Titan Cattle Feeder with Hay Saver Panel | 16 gauge-
14G20Bale FeederTarter Farm and Ranch EquipmentTarter Titan Cattle Feeder | 16 gauge-
1PB5Bunk FeederTarter Farm and Ranch EquipmentBunk Feeder | 5' Poly-
1PB10Bunk FeederTarter Farm and Ranch EquipmentBunk Feeder | 10' Poly-
PT224Bunk FeederBehlen Stock Tanks2'x2'x4' Round End Corrugated Pipe Top Tank100gal
PT62Bunk FeederBehlen Stock Tanks6'x2' Round Corrugated Pipe Top Tank380gal
FP-100Bunk FeederBehlen Stock Tanks31"Wx52"Lx25"H Poly-Tuf Stock Tank100gal
SLF280Lick Feeder-280 Gallon Cattle Feeder | 2 Lick Wheels | 2 Mounting Brackets-
S175442Lick Feeder-24" Wheel Kit | 2 Lick Wheels | 2 Mounting Brackets-

Livestock Feed

Item #BrandProductSizePallet
1521Manna ProCalf Manna50lb40
1543Manna ProGro Formula | Rabbit50lb40
1536Manna ProPro Formula | Rabbit50lb40
1546Manna ProSho Formula50lb40
1526Manna ProMax-E-Glo® Meal | Rice Bran40lb50
1523Manna ProMax-E-Glo® Extruded Pellets | Rice Bran40lb50
1612Manna ProApple Flavor Wafers20lb-
727ECSAcorn II 34% Beef Builder Concentrate
815ECSECS By-Product Bal. R68050lb40
827ECSECS Horse Charger 250050lb40
876ECSECS 18% Calf Activate Starter | DX50lb40
836ECSECS 12% Sweet Textured Horse50lb40
1050ECSECS 12% Classic Horse Pellet50lb40
795ECSECS 14% All Stock Pellet50lb40
779-Pin Pointer Base Peller50lb40
847Hunter Nutrition45% Ewe Supplement50lb40
856Hunter Nutrition17% Goat Grower with Deccox®50lb40
853Hunter Nutrition40% Lamb Supplement50lb40
862Hunter NutritionSheep Mineral50lb40
867Hunter NutritionSuper 20 Lamb Starter 90B50lb40
848Hunter NutritionTexturized Lamb Starter 90B50lb40
732HubbardSenior® | Summit Pellet 14%50lb40
738Hubbard30% Supplement | Pellet50lb40
846Belstra20% Lamb Creep with DECCOX50lb40
868BelstraHeinold 38% Sheep Supplement with Bovatec50lb40
53503BelstraEvolution Show Lamb HI-PRO50lb40
85411BelstraEvolution Prime Show Goat | Medicated50lb40
53502BelstraEvolution Prime Show Goat | Non-Medicated50lb40
53509EvolutionEvolution Show Lamb LO-PRO50lb40
53506EvolutionEvolution Show Lamb Creep50lb40
844Belstra MillingBelstra Sheep Mineral, Non-Medicated50lb40
1577Heinold® Feeds15-20 Show Rabbit40lb50
1506Heinold® Feeds17-17 Family Rabbit40lb50
1508Heinold® Feeds17-19 Wool Rabbit40lb50
1512Heinold® FeedsDoc's Enhancer25lb-
561100Heinold® FeedsDoc's Enhancer | Jug10lb | 4/case-
1513Heinold® Feeds16-18 General Rabbit40lb50
1493Heinold® FeedsOren Reynolds Rabbit40lb50
1572Heinold® FeedsBunny Starter20lb100
561055Heinold® FeedsTNT Rabbit | Jug10lb | 4/case-
561056Heinold® FeedsTNT Rabbit20lb50
719BelstraDuck & Goose | 18%50lb40
762Belstra28% Turkey/Gamebird Starter Crumble50lb40
1133-Cherry Stone® Grit #1 | 1/16"50lb56
1130-Cherry Stone® Grit #1 | 3/16" 50lb56
1131-Cherry Stone® Grit #1 | 5-16" 50lb56
1132-Cherry Stone® Grit #450lb56
1080-Oyster Shell50lb60
1155-Shell & Bone Builder50lb42
2508Green Meadows ForagePremium Chopped Alfalfa Forage50lb40
2510Green Meadows ForageTimothy Alfalfa Forage50lb40
2507Green Meadows ForagePremium Chopped Grass Forage50lb40
7708Green Meadows ForageEqual Balance Forage50lb40
1218Green Meadows ForageTimothy Hay Pellets50lb40
1256-Alfalfa Cubes50lb44
1257-Timothy Hay Cubes 8%50lb40
2406ChaffhayePremium Alfalfa50lb30
2416ChaffhayePremium Alfalfa20lb60
6341Field & FarmPoultry Layer | Crumble50lb40
6337Field & FarmPoultry Starter AMP | Medicated5040
6355Field & FarmLlama & Alpaca | Pellet5040
6305Field & FarmGoat Feed 18% | Textured5040
6306Field & FarmDairy Goat Feed | Pellet5040
6350Field & FarmPond Stocker 322560


Item #BrandProductSizePallet
7829ElancoCoban® 90G55.1lb40
7884ElancoDenagard® 1035lb40
7625ElancoOptaflexx® 2.4g25lb40
8252ElancoPulmotil® 5.68g Pellet50lb40
8237ElancoPulmotil® 1850lb40
8346ElancoRumensin® 9055lb40
8351ElancoRumensin® Ton Pak 5g20lb100
8341ElancoRumensin® 10g50lb40
8445ElancoSkycis® 10055.1lb40
8655ElancoTylan® 1050lb40
7725ElancoExperior 240gm Crumble50lb40
8678ElancoTylan® 4050lb40
7666ZoetisAureomix® 10/1050lb40
7685ZoetisAureomycin® 50 Granular50lb40
7661ZoetisAureomycin® 90 Granular50lb40
7664ZoetisAureomycin® 90 Meal50lb40
7688ZoetisAureomycin® 100 Granular50lb40
7671ZoetisAureo S-700® Premix50lb40
7761ZoetisBovatec® 9150lb40
7763ZoetisBovatec® 1440 Pellets50lb40
1711ZoetisBovatec® 2.2 Block44lb40
8262ZoetisCattlyst® 50g50lb40
8249ZoetisCTC-50 (Chlormax 50)50lb40
7820ZoetisDeccox® 10X10lb | 5/case40
7825ZoetisDeccox® 10X50lb40
7827ZoetisDeccox® 6%50lb40
7832ZoetisDeccox® M5lb-
8045ZoetisLINCOMIX® 2050lb20
8046ZoetisLINCOMIX® 5050lb20
8115ZoetisMGA® Mixer Pellet50lb40
7706PharmGate Animal HealthDeracin® 50 Meal50lb40
7684PharmGate Animal HealthDeracin® 100 Meal50lb40
8547PharmGate Animal HealthNeo-Oxy 10/1050lb40
7686PharmGate Animal HealthPennchlor 50 Granular50lb40
7689PharmGate Animal HealthPennchlor 50 Meal50lb40
7668PharmGate Animal HealthPennchlor 90G50lb40
8233PharmGate Animal HealthPennchlor 100G50lb40
7665PharmGate Animal HealthPennchlor 100 Hi-Flo Meal50lb40
8542PharmGate Animal HealthPennox 5050lb40
8544PharmGate Animal HealthPennox 10050lb40
7728PhibroBanminth® 4.8g40lb50
7733PhibroBanminth® 4.8g/Mecadox® 2.5g40lb50
8090PhibroMecadox® 2.5g40lb50
8168PhibroNeo-Terra® 10/1040lb50
8540PhibroTerramycin® 5050lb40
8543PhibroTerramycin® 10050lb40
8546PhibroTerramycin® 20050lb40
8240HuvepharmaFlavomycin® 4g50lb20
8694HuvepharmaTilmovet® 1850lb40
7942HuvepharmaTylovet® 4050lb-
8692HuvepharmaTylovet® 10050lb40
8447HuvepharmaMonovet® 9055.1lb40
8448HuvepharmaMonovet® 2050lb40
7856-Amprolium 2.5%40lb40
7704-IGR Premix .4%25lb80
8332-Rabon Oral Larvacide 7.76%50lb40
7695ZoetisAureo 4g Crumbles50lb40
7630ZoetisAureo 10g Crumbles50lb40
7670ZoetisAureo S 700® Crumbles50lb40
7826ZoetisDeccox 2.5X Crumbles50lb40
7858ZoetisDeccox 10X Crumbles50lb40
7657PharmgateCTC Deracin 4g Crumble50lb40
7660PharmgateCTC Deracin 10g Crumble50lb40
7659PharmgateCTC Deracin 20g Crumble50lb40
7673PharmgatePenn S 2+2g Crumbles50lb40
7676PharmgatePenn S 3.5 + 3.5 Crumbles50lb40
7855-Amprolium 1.25% Crumbles50lb40
7854-Amprolium 2.5% Crumbles50lb40
7834-Deccox M50lb40

Milk Replacer

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
0000Milk SpecialtiesCalfAlly NT Add Pack47.840
1795Milk SpecialtiesCalfAlly Electrolytes25lb80
1981Milk SpecialtiesECS 20/20 AM Bov/Celmanax25lb80
1980Milk SpecialtiesECS 20/20 AM Bov/Celmanax50lb40
1996Milk SpecialtiesECS 20/20 AM Non Med25lb80
1937Milk SpecialtiesECS 20/20 AM Non Med50lb40
1773Milk SpecialtiesECS 22/20 AM Bov/Celmanax50lb40
1980CMilk SpecialtiesECS 20/20 AM ClariFly Bov50lb40
1628Milk SpecialtiesNutraStart® Liqui-Wean® Pig Milk Replacer25lb80
1801Milk SpecialtiesMilk Energizer50lb40
1903Milk SpecialtiesNutraStart® Kid Milk Replacer25lb80
1961Milk SpecialtiesOrgani-Calf25lb80
1313Milk SpecialtiesRCS Kid Goat 25/28 DC Acidified50lb40
8015Milk SpecialtiesRCS Kid Goat 23/25 DC Acidified50lb40
8362Milk SpecialtiesRCS Ruminant Elec.50lb40
1805Milk SpecialtiesSuper Lamb Milk Replacer(24-30)25lb80
1871Milk SpecialtiesPremier Universal Milk15lb2/case
7828-Colostrix 5gm12.4oz20/case
1590-Screw-On Bottle48 per box-
1584-Screw-On Nipple48 per box-
1588-Screw-On Rings12 per box-
1581-Snap-On Bottle48 per box-
1580-Snap-On Nipple48 per box-


Item #TypeBrandProductSizePallet
550TubSmartLic SupplementsAP-18 Steel250lb8
569TubSmartLic SupplementsAP-18 Steel125lb16
555TubSmartLic SupplementsDairy DryLic® LS Steel250lb8
574TubSmartLic SupplementsFlaxLic® Steel250lb8
554TubSmartLic SupplementsFlaxLic® Poly60lb20
645TubSmartLic SupplementsFlaxLic® Sheep60lb20
565TubSmartLic SupplementsGoat 20N Poly60lb20
557TubSmartLic SupplementsNE-Mag-22 Steel250lb8
562TubSmartLic SupplementsMinLic® Steel250lb8
563TubSmartLic SupplementsMinLic® IGR Steel250lb8
551TubSmartLic SupplementsNE-20 Steel250lb8
552TubSmartLic SupplementsNE-22 Steel250lb8
564TubSmartLic SupplementsNE-22 IGR Steel250lb8
553TubSmartLic SupplementsNE-30 Steel250lb8
558TubSmartLic SupplementsPasture 30 Steel250lb8
559TubSmartLic SupplementsStressLic® Steel250lb8
576TubSmartLic SupplementsStressLic® Poly60lb20
599TubSmartLic SupplementsTub Deposit Per Tub--
599 RETTubSmartLic SupplementsTub Return Refund Per Empty Tub--
844-BelstraHeinold Sheep Mineral, Non-Medicated50lb40
12842BlockKay DeeK 28 All-Natural Block33.3lb60
12328BlockKay DeeKayDee 4 Livestock Block40lb50
12326BlockKay DeeKay Dee All Purpose Mineral Block40lb50
12286BlockKay DeeRange Grazer 20 Block33lb60
12288BlockKay DeeRange Grazer 37 Block33.3lb60
12296BlockKay DeeRoyal 6 Block40lb50
12297BlockKay DeeRoyal 9 Block40lb50
12298BlockKay DeeRoyal 12 Block40lb50
12359BlockKay DeeSheep Block 840lb50
12276BlockKay DeeSuper Ranger CLR Mineral Block40lb50
12300BlockKay DeeSuper Ranger 8.2 Block40lb50
12332LooseKay DeeKay Dee 4 Livestock Mineral50lb40
12212LooseKay DeeSuper Ranger 8.2 Xtra Kaydets50lb40
12290LooseKay DeeSuper Ranger 8.2 Kaydets50lb40
12321LooseKay DeeRoyal 6 Mineral50lb40
12322LooseKay DeeRoyal 9 Mineral50lb40
12278LooseKay DeeSuper Ranger CLR Kaydets50lb40
608TubECSECS 24/16200lb12
679TubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite25lb36
1744TubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite40lb24
1636TubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite60lb20
1405TubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite125lb16
1504TubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite250lb8
1636CTubHorseLicHorsLic Omega Elite ClariFly®60lb20
1731TubHorseLicHorsLic Performance40lb24
1732TubHorseLicHorsLic Performance ClariFly®40lb24
1734TubHorseLicHorsLic Performance60lb20
1734CTubHorseLicHorsLic Performance ClariFly®60lb20
1737TubHorseLicHorsLic Performance125lb16
1737CTubHorseLicHorsLic Performance ClariFly®125lb16
1738TubHorseLicHorsLic Performance250lb8
1738CTubHorseLicHorsLic Performance ClariFly®250lb8
1739TubHorseLicHorsLic Senior Pail40lb24
1633TubHorseLicHorsLic Senior Tub60lb20
1639TubHorseLicHorsLic Senior Tub125lb16
1665TubHorseLicHorsLic Senior Tub250lb8
1600BlockSweetlix3-in-1 Pressed Block40lb68
1622BlockSweetlix8% Phos Pressed40lb68
1610BlockSweetlixBloat Guard® POL6.6 Pressed33lb68
1602BlockSweetlixMol Mag® Pressed40lb68
1604BlockSweetlixClariFly® Fly Control33lb60
1606BlockSweetlixRumensin® R800 Pressed40lb68
1619BlockSweetlixMeat Maker® Protein Pressed | Goat25lb80
1657BlockSweetlixSheep & Goat Protein | Pressed33lb80
1660BlockSweetlixSheep Prime Mineral - Pressed40lb50
1650LooseSweetlixMeat Maker® 16:8 Mineral | Goat25lb80
1651LooseSweetlixMeat Maker® 16:8 R960 Mineral | Goat25lb80
1687TubSweetlixEnProAL® 16% Poured200lb12
1694TubSweetlixEnProAL® 25% Poured200lb12
1652TubSweetlixMeat Maker® Roughage Balancer Tub50lb20
1603DeerSweetlixWhite Tail Deer Block25lb80
1613LooseSweetlixBalance 12:12 Mineral50lb40
2003DeerRedmondTrophy Rock12lb60
2001DeerRedmondTrophy Rock Four6530lb48
2335LooseRedmondGoat Mineral Mix25lb50
2336BlockRedmondGoat Mineral Rock/Rope8lb8
1266DeerDeer Corn w/ Apple40lb50
1681TubCTICTI Fly Control125lb5
1702TubCTICTI 14% Protein Altosid with Garlic200lb4
1671TubCTINRG Calving Tub with Magnesium & Bio-Mos200lb4
1741TubCTINRG Calf Booster with Bio-Mos50lb5
1696TubCTINRG Dairy200lb4
1736TubCTINRG Horse Mineral125lb5
1735TubCTINRG Horse Mineral with Garlic50lb5
1726TubCTINRG 23% + Mag200lb4
1688TubCTINRG Mineral Lick200lb4
1686TubCTINRG 12% Natural Lick50lb5
1693TubCTINRG 12% Natural Lick125lb5
1689TubCTINRG 12% Natural Lick200lb4
1690TubCTINRG 20% Natural200lb4
1682TubCTINRG 30% Natural200lb4
1692TubCTINRG 20-8200lb4
1684TubCTINRG 30-13200lb4
1686TubCTINRG 12% Sheep50lb5
1693TubCTINRG 12% Sheep125lb5
1676TubCTINRG 22% Ranchers AN Chelate200lb4
1683TubCTINRG Stress Buster Tub with Mos200lb4
1622BlockCTI8% Phos. Pressed40lb50
9761LooseBioZymeAmaferm® Digest More®50lb50
9691LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Cattleman's Blend50lb50
9715LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® Balancer50lb50
9690LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S50lb50
9729LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S CTC 3G50lb50
9693LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S CTC 3G with ClariFly®50lb50
9697LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S Heat®50lb50
9730LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S Heat® with ClariFly®50lb50
9895LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S with ClariFly®50lb50
9753LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S Mos50lb50
9701LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 8/S50lb50
2073LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 1050lb50
9722LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® Mag/S50lb50
9727LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® Protein Meal50lb50
9755LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Conserve50lb50
9754LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Conserve with Garlic50lb50
9752LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Conserve Mag Mineral50lb40
9765LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Conserve Protein Meal40lb50
9703LooseBioZymeDuraFerm® 50lb50
9709TubBioZymeDuraFerm® Goat Protein Tub50lb30
9734LooseBioZymeDuraFerm® Sheep Concept-Aid®50lb50
9739LooseBioZymeDuraFerm® Sheep Concept-Aid® Heat®50lb50
9695LooseBioZymeGain Smart® Balancer RU160050lb50
9708LooseBioZymeGain Smart® Stocker50lb50
9733LooseBioZymeGain Smart® HEAT®50lb50
1888LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Heat®50lb50
9743LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Heat® with ClariFly®50lb50
9728LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® Heat® Aureo 3G50lb50
9200LooseBioZymeVitaFerm® ONE50lb50
9210BlockBioZymeVitaFerm® ONE35lb60
2064TubBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® Mineral Tub200lb12
9751TubBioZymeDuraFerm® Sheep Concept-Aid® Tub125lb16
9748TubBioZymeVitaFerm® Heat® Tub200lb12
9744TubBioZymeVita Charge® Stress Tub Heat®50lb30
9741TubBioZymeVitaFerm® Concept-Aid® Protein Tub200lb12
9757TubBioZymeVitaFerm® Conserve Protein Tub 200lb12
9747TubBioZymeVitaFerm® 30-13% Protein Tub200lb12
9720TubBioZymeVita Charge® Stress Tub 50lb30
9719TubBioZymeVita Charge® Stress Tub 200lb12
1037--Humate Charcoal50lb40
1632--M-Cal® 450 (Optimag 450)50lb56
7805-Fermented NutritionGlucoBoost®50lb40
7755Distillers DDG-28% PowerCube 3/4''5040
7756Distillers DDG-28% PowerPellet 1/2''5040
7757Distillers DDG-28% PowerPellet 1/4''5040

Organic Feeds

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
968Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Alfalfa Pellet50lb40
1090Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Barley50lb40
1290Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Corn50lb40
1093Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Oats50lb40
1264Natures Grown OrganicsFlax Seed50lb40
1114Natures Grown OrganicsRoasted Beans50lb40
962Natures Grown OrganicsRolled Corn50lb40
963Natures Grown OrganicsSoybean Meal50lb40
1570Natures Grown OrganicsDairy Supreme Premix 1:150lb40
1569Natures Grown OrganicsHi Cal Supreme Premix 2:150lb40
767Natures Grown OrganicsPremium Natural 150lb40
771Natures Grown OrganicsPremium Natural 250lb40
802Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 16% Calf50lb40
803Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 18% Calf Starter50lb40
804Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 26% Calf Grow Pellets50lb40
807Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 14% Dairy50lb40
798Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Goat Ration50lb40
806Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 16% Hog50lb40
800Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic 16% Chick Grower50lb40
799Natures Grown Organics19% Chick Starter Crumbles50lb40
805Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Layer 18%50lb40
801Natures Grown OrganicsOrganic Layer 16%50lb40
7669NemoFamily Flock Chick Starter50lb40
7705NemoFamily Flock Chick Grower50lb40
7692NemoFamily Flock Layer50lb40
7929NemoSoybean Meal50lb40
979-Habilac Organic Bypass Fat55lb40
1267-Acadian Kelp Meal50lb40
1308-Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth | Powder40lb50
1480-Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth | Crystal40lb50
1592-Cracked Corn (Non-GMO Only)50lb40
957Fish Meal Organic-50lb40


Item #BrandDescriptionCrude Protein\Crude FatSpeciesSizePallet
1408Black GoldExplorer Original Performance26%/18%Dog50lb40
1412Black GoldExplorer Original Performance26%/18%Dog15lb70
1388Black GoldExplorer Beef and Barley24%/14%Dog40lb40
1400Black GoldExplorer Chicken Meal & Brown Rice26%/16%Dog40lb40
1390Black GoldExplorer Mature 7+27%/12%Dog40lb40
1421Black GoldExplorer Ocean Fish Meal & Oat | Sensitive Skin & Coat24%/14%Dog40lb40
1416Black GoldExplorer Puppy Formula30%/20%Dog40lb40
1430Black GoldExplorer Puppy Formula30%/20%Dog15lb35
1433Black GoldExplorer Super Performance32%/21%Dog40lb40
1424Black GoldGrain Free Explorer Timber Ridge36%/16%Dog28lb35
1434Black GoldBig Red Nuggets22%/12%Dog50lb40
1440Big RedBig Red Cat Tasty Morsels30%/10%Cat20lb70
1445Big RedBig Red Cat Tasty Morsels30%/10%Cat40lb48
1450SPORT MixOriginal Bite Size21%/8%Dog40lb25
1454SPORT MixOriginal High Protein27%/12%Dog50lb40
1358SPORT MixPremium Maintenance Adult Mini Chunk21%/12%Dog50lb40
1455SPORT MixPremium Energy Plus24%/20%Dog50lb40
1456SPORT MixPremium High Energy26%/18%Dog50lb40
1479SPORT MixCanine X GF Chicken30%/22%Dog40lb40
1451SPORT MixOriginal Recipe30%/10%Cat15lb60
1462SPORT MixGourmet Mix30%/10%Cat15lb60
1436WholesomesLamb Meal & Rice Formula22%/12%Dog40lb50
1323Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsPeanutty Bites16%/8%Dog Biscuits3 lb | 8/case35
1324Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsPeanutty Bites16%/8%Dog Biscuits20lb48
1325Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsMedium Variety16%/5%Dog Biscuits20lb28
1329Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsMedium Variety16%/5%Dog Biscuits3lb | 8/case35
1326Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsPuppy Variety19%/5%Dog Biscuits20lb48
1478Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsPuppy Variety19%/5%Dog Biscuits2lb | 12/case36
1333Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsJumbo Originals16%/5%Dog Biscuits20lb48
1328Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsLarge Originals16%/5%Dog Biscuits3lb | 8/case35
1599Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsMedium Originals16%/5%Dog Biscuits3lb | 8/case35
1640Wholesome Rewards BiscuitsMedium Originals16%/5%Dog Biscuits20lb48
1441Pro PacAdult Chunk26%/15%Dog44lb24
1453Pro PacAdult Mini Chunk26%/15%Dog40lb24
1816Pro PacUltimates Overland Red23%/12%Dog28lb70
1497UltimatesUltimates Large Breed Chicken & Rice23%/13%Dog28lb70
1495UltimatesUltimates Chicken & Rice26%/15%Dog28lb70
1444UltimatesUltimates Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice26%/14%Dog28lb70
1457Pro PacPerformance Puppy30%/20%Dog40lb24
1514UltimatesUltimates Puppy Chicken Meal & Brown Rice30%/20%Dog28lb70
1362UltimatesUltimates Heartland Chicken & Potato24%/24%Dog5lb | 5/case9
1403Pro PacUltimates Mature Chicken and Rice21%/12%Dog28lb70
1381Tuffy'sClassic Hi-Pro27%/12%Dog40lb40
1379Tuffy'sGolden Chunks21%/10%Dog40lb40
1410Tuffy'sTuffy's Gold Premium Maintenance21%/12%Dog40lb50
1409Tuffy'sTuffy's Gold Premium Adult26%/18%Dog40lb50
1396Tuffy'sTuffy's Gold Premium Performance30%/20%Dog40lb50
1394Tuffy'sTuffy's Gold Lamb Meal & Rice Formula23%/14%Dog40lb30
3400Tuffy'sTuffy's Gold Premium Puppy28%/18%Dog30lb50
1378Tuffy'sDinnertime Cat31%/9%Cat40lb40
1353Nutri SourceAdult Chicken & Rice Formula26%/16%Dog30lb60
1361Nutri SourceAdult Chicken & Rice Formula26%/16%Dog15lb60
1357Nutri SourceAdult Chicken & Rice Formula26%/16%Dog5lb | 8/case-
1360Nutri SourceLarge Breed Adult Chicken & Rice Formula23%/14%Dog30lb60
1340Nutri SourceLarge Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula26%/14%Dog30lb60
1395Nutri SourceLarge Breed Adult Lamb & Rice Formula23%/14%Dog33lb60
1352Nutri SourceLamb Meal & Rice Formula22%/13%Dog30lb60
1552Nutri SourcePuppy Starter +30%/22%Dog40lb25
1393Nutri SourceSmall & Medium Breed Puppy32%/21%Dog30lb60
1387Nutri SourceSmall & Medium Breed Puppy32%/21%Dog15lb56
1351Nutri SourceSmall & Medium Breed Puppy32%/21%Dog5lb | 8/case-
1385Nutri SourceSuper Performance32%/21%Dog40lb40
1356Nutri SourceWeight Management Chicken & Chicken Meal Formula27%/9%Dog30lb60
1305Nutri SourceGrain Free Chicken & Pea Formula28%/18%Dog30lb65
1307Nutri SourceGrain Free Lamb Meal & Peas Formula28%/18%Dog30lb65
1469Nutri SourceGrain Free Seafood Select25%/15%Dog30lb65
1373Nutri SourceChicken & Rice Formula32%/19%Cat16lb56
1341Nutri SourceChicken & Rice- Canned9%/7.5%Dog13oz | 12/case-
1345Nutri SourceChicken, Turkey, & Lamb Formula- Canned9.5%/6%Cat5oz | 12/case-
1344Nutri SourceChicken & Rice Formula- Canned9%/8%Cat5oz | 12/case-
1317Pure VitaSalmon & Potato24%/13%Dog25lb42
1415Pure VitaGrain Free Chicken & Peas Entree32%/18%Cat15lb70
1366SUPREMESupreme Hi-Pro27%/10%Dog40lb40
1377SUPREMESupreme Chunks21%/9%Dog40lb24
1375SUPREMESupreme Cat31.5%/11.5%Cat40lb40
1482-Guinea Pig Pellets-Guinea Pig40lb50
1236-Pot Belly Pig Maintenance-Pot Belly Pig25lb80
1265-Hampster / Gerbil-Hampster40lb50
2430World's Best Cat LitterCat Litter Multiple Cat-Cat15lb | 3/bundle-
6398Kent FeedsFarm Dog™21%/7.5%Dog40lb40
6399Kent FeedsBarn Cat™30%/8.5%Cat32lb60


Item #BrandProductSizePallet
5042Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Copper Sulfate5lb-
5037Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Copper Sulfate15lb-
5556Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Copper Sulfate50lb-
5040Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Plex Algae Control1gal-
5038Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Pond Dye1gal-
88131Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Toss N Treat Throw Pack | Blue6.8oz-
88135Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Toss N Treat Throw Pack | Black6.8oz
88114Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Ultra Concentrate Colorant32oz-
5045Sanco Industries, IncCrystal Blue Pond Display --
88021Sanco Industries, IncEasy Weeder | Bag6lb-
5527Sanco Industries, IncNatural Pond Cleaner1gal-
5525Sanco Industries, IncMini Blue Pond Displayeach-
88004Sanco Industries, IncMosquito Denial Prevent Breeding Areas1gal-
5567Sanco Industries, IncMuck Doctor4lb2
5560Sanco Industries, IncCatt Plex1qt-
5625Sanco Industries, IncPlex Mate8oz6
5041Sanco Industries, IncStock Plex32oz6
5561Sanco Industries, IncTsunami Weed Plex1qt-
5565Sanco Industries, IncTsunami Weed Plex1gal-
1173-32% Floating Catfish Food50lb40
1170-Redmond Bentonite Pond Seal3,000lb-
6350Field & FarmPond Stocker 3225lb60

Rodent Control

Item #BrandDescriptionSize
9412MotomcoHawk Rodenticide RTU Place Pacs1.5oz | 86/bucket
9442MotomcoHawk Rodenticide RTU Place Pacs1.5oz | 150/bucket
9437MotomcoHawk All- Weather Bait Chunx9lb
9405MotomcoHawk All- Weather Bait Chunx18lb
9443MotomcoJaguar Rodenticide Place Pacs1.5oz | 73/bucket
9444MotomcoJaguar Rodenticide Place Pacs1.5oz | 150/bucket
9436MotomcoJaguar All-Weather Bait Chunx9lb
9434MotomcoJaguar All-Weather Bait Chunx18lb
9496MotomcoProwler All-Weather Bait Chunx4lbs
9498MotomcoProwler 8gm Soft Bait4lbs
9497MotomcoProwler Rodenticide Place Pacs3oz | 22/bucket
7964MotomcoProwler Blocks1lb | 4/box
7963MotomcoProwler Refill Bait Station16 | 1oz
9762MotomcoProwler Bait Station | Refillable30g | 15/pack
9763MotomcoProwler Rock Bait StationEach
9438MotomcoRampage Rodenticide Place Pacs.53oz | 121/bucket
9441MotomcoRampage All-Weather Bait Chunx4lb
9421MotomcoRampage All-Weather Bait Chunx9lb
9409MotomcoTomcat Rat and Mouse Bait Place Pacs3oz | 22/bucket
9458MotomcoTomcat with Bromethalin Place Pacs3oz | 22/bucket
9469MotomcoTomcat All-Weather Rodent Block1lb | 4/box
9408MotomcoTomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx4lb
9417MotomcoTomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx9lb
9457MotomcoTomcat with Bromethalin Bait Chunx4lb
9451MotomcoTomcat Power Wing Display-
9439MotomcoTomcat Versatile Rodent Bait Station-
9456MotomcoTomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait5lb
9435MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Disposable Station1 pack
9461MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Disposable Station2 pack
9464MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Disposable Station4 pack
9465MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Refillable Station1oz | 4/pack
9466MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Refillable Station1oz | 8/pack
9467MotomcoTomcat Mouse Killer | Refillable Station1oz | 16/pack
9407MotomcoTomcat Triangle Mouse Bait Station12/case
9432MotomcoTomcat Rat Bait Stationeach
9419MotomcoTomcat Heavy Duty Reusable Mouse Trap2 pack
9426MotomcoTomcat Spin Trap2 pack
7983MotomcoTomcat Live Trap4/pack
9445MotomcoTomcat Glue Boards | Mice2 pack
9450MotomcoTomcat Glue Boards | Rats & Mice2 pack
7888MotomcoTomcat Tunnel Trapping System4/case
9415MotomcoTomcat Liquid Concentrate1.7oz | 8/pack
9073MotomcoGopher Killer1lb | 6/case
9446MotomcoMole Killer Worms12 worms/box
9449MotomcoMole Killer Worms & Display12 worms/box
9454MotomcoMole Trap-
8825The Giant DestroyerGiant Destroyer (Gas)4/card


Item #TypeBrandProductSizePallet
2017AgriculturalCompass MineralsAmerican Stockman® TM Bagged50lb49
2041AgriculturalCompass MineralsAmerican Stockman® TM SE90 Bagged50lb49
2039AgriculturalCompass MineralsAmerican Stockman® TM SE90 Salt Block50lb40
2033AgriculturalCompass MineralsBig 6 TM Block50lb40
2028AgriculturalCompass MineralsEasy Flo50lb49
2016AgriculturalCompass MineralsIodized Bagged50lb49
2032AgriculturalCompass MineralsIodized Block50lb40
2052AgriculturalCompass MineralsKD Mixing Salt50lb49
8602AgriculturalCompass MineralsKD Mixing Salt Tote2000lb-
2031AgriculturalCompass MineralsSulfur Block50lb40
2030AgriculturalCompass MineralsWhite Block50lb40
2060AgriculturalCompass MineralsCobalt Block50lb40
2009AgriculturalCompass MineralsTM Hi Iodine Block50lb40
2040AgriculturalCompass MineralsTM Hi Iodine 50lb40
2049Food GradeCompass MineralsSpecial Purity, Untreated50lb49
2010Food GradeCompass MineralsSpecial Purity, Treated50lb49
2019Water ConditioningCompass MineralsMinicube Plus40lb63
2008Water ConditioningCompass MineralsMinicube Plus50lb49
2026Water ConditioningCompass MineralsSureSoft® PelletsPlus®50lb49
2036Water ConditioningCompass MineralsPellets w/Rustbuster40lb63
2004Water ConditioningCompass MineralsXCS Suresoft, Poly50lb49
1905Water ConditioningCompass MineralsKCL Sodium Free Water Softener Crystals40lb63
2164AgriculturalCompass MineralsPlain Salt Bricks4lb | 15/case-
2104AgriculturalMortonAGRI Salt Block50lb49
2154AgriculturalMortonAll Purpose White Block50lb40
2060AgriculturalMortonCobalt Block50lb40
2170AgriculturalMortonEquine Micro 100 TM Brix4lb | 15/case-
2107AgriculturalMortoniOFIXT Iodized Mixing Salt50lb49
2162AgriculturalMortoniOFIXT Iodized Block50lb40
2158AgriculturalMortoniOFIXT T-M Block (w/Carton)50lb40
2159AgriculturalMortoniOFIXT T-M Plus 4 Salt Block50lb40
2166AgriculturalMortoniOFIXT T-M Salt Bricks4lb | 15/case-
2120AgriculturalMortonKiln Dried Feed Mixing Salt50lb40
2153AgriculturalMortonSolar White Block50lb40
2156AgriculturalMortonSulfur Block50lb40
2110AgriculturalMortonT-M Plus 4 Salt50lb49
2136Water ConditioningMortonPure & Natural Crystals40lb63
2147Water ConditioningMortonPure & Natural Crystals50lb49
2146Water ConditioningMortonClean & Protect + Rust Defense40lb63
2134Water ConditioningMortonClean & Protect Pellets40lb63
2132Water ConditioningMortonClean & Protect Pellets50lb49
2148Water ConditioningMortonBrine Block50lb48
2184Water ConditioningMortonTender Quick2lb | 12/case-
2189 SpecialtyMortonCanning & Pickling Salt4lb | 9/case-
2189 SpecialtyMortonIce Cream Salt4lb | 8/case-
2127AgriculturalIndependent Salt CompanyIndependent Salt Company CF50lb49
2119AgriculturalIndependent Salt CompanyIndependent Salt Company Choice50lb49
2137AgriculturalIndependent Salt CompanyIndependent Salt Company Untreated50lb49
8072AgriculturalRedmondRedmond Conditioner50lb60
2281AgriculturalRedmondNatural 10 Fine Loose50lb50
2305AgriculturalRedmond10 Fine with Garlic50lb50
2326AgriculturalRedmondSalt Block with Garlic44lbs50
2282AgriculturalRedmondNatural Block44lb50
2287AgriculturalRedmond4 Medium50lb50
1708AgriculturalRedmondBison 9050lb50
1706AgriculturalRedmondBeef Mineral Mix50lb50
2294AgriculturalRedmondSelenium 3050lb50
2296AgriculturalRedmondSelenium 9050 lb50
2252AgriculturalRedmondSelenium 90 Block44lb50
2312AgriculturalRedmondIodized Block44lb50
2352AgriculturalRedmondSR 6550lb50
2313AgriculturalRedmondSR 65 Tote2000lb-
2279Ice Melter-Hammer®50lb50
2123Ice Melter-Highway Rock Poly50lb49
2005Ice Melter-Ice-A-Way®50lb49
8043Ice Melter-Mag Chloride Industrial50lb50
2002Ice Melter-Snow Go25lb80
2299Ice Melter-Titan Blue50lb50
2275Ice Melter-Triple Melt®20lb120
2273Ice MelterTriple Melt®50lb50
2269Ice Melter-Triple Melt® Liquid Jug5 gal-
2268Ice Melter-WinterGreen® Liquid Jug5 gal-
2035Ice Melter-XCS Crystals2000lb tote-
2290Table & SeasoningReal Salt4.75oz Shaker4.75oz | 12/case-
2288Table & SeasoningReal Salt10oz Shaker10oz | 6/case-
2283Table & SeasoningReal Salt26oz Real Salt Refill Pouch26oz | 6/case-
2278Table & SeasoningReal Salt10lb Bucket Real Salt10lb-
2286Table & SeasoningReal Salt25lb Bulk Box Real Salt25lb-
2292Table & SeasoningReal Salt8.25oz Season Salt8.25oz | 6/case-
2291Table & SeasoningReal Salt8.25oz Garlic Season Salt8.25oz | 6/case-
2293Table & SeasoningReal Salt8.25oz Onion Season Salt8.25oz | 6/case-
2308Table & SeasoningReal Salt4oz Holiday Set4oz | 4/case-
2314Table & SeasoningReal Salt16oz Kosher Pouch16oz | 6/case-

Show Feed & Supplements

Item #BrandProductSizePallet
98243Sunglo®18G with Oats50lb40
98244Sunglo®16G with Oats50lb40
98223Sunglo®Show Base50lb40
756Sunglo®Full Tank50lb40
98197Sunglo®S'More Fill50lb40
98356Sunglo®2 the Fullest with Cob Bale40lb40
98189Sunglo®Game On20lb80
98195Sunglo®Sunglo Epic w/ICE25lb36
98359Sunglo®Sunglo Smooth50lb40
98246Sunglo®Sunglo Calf Full Body50lb40
850*Hunter Nutrition18 Show Lamb50lb40
843*Hunter NutritionShow Lamb 200050lb40
849*Hunter NutritionTopline50lb40
840Show-RiteShow-Rite Advancer Mon 20 | Goat50lb40
11630Show-RiteStretch | Pellet50lb40
9995Show-RitePrep 21 | Pig50lb40
9996Show-Rite1910 | Pig50lb40
9997Show-Rite1610 | Pig50lb40
743Show-RiteShow Pig 10.0A2 Premix50lb40
7014Show-RiteShow Pig Starter50lb40
703Show-RiteThrottle Up | Cattle50lb40
714Show-RiteCruiser | Cattle50lb40
708Show-RiteBeef Nutribase 400 A Plus Balancer50lb40
722Show-RiteNewCo Lamb Grower D22.750lb40
9999Show-RiteM-N-M Top Dress50lb40
744Show-RiteSculpt | Pellet20lb-
1625Show-RiteSwell | Powder5lb | 4/case-
701Show-RiteShow-Rite Fiber50lb40
707Show-RiteShow-Rite HR50lb40
698-Star Glo Pellets50lb40
11145Sullivan SupplyDyne1gal-
11235Sullivan SupplyGlu-Coat--
9687BioZymeSure Champ® Cattle50lb50
9746BioZymeSure Champ® Extreme with ClariFly®25lb12
9760BioZymeSure Champ® Extreme w/ ClariFly®40lb50
9723BioZymeSure Champ® Joint Juice1gal | 4/case-
9704BioZymeSure Champ® Ration Builder50lb50
2050BioZymeVitalize® Equine Protein Pellet50lb50
9716BioZymeVitalize® Equine Free Choice50lb50
9993BioZymeVitalize® Equine High Performance50lb50
2076BioZymeVitaFerm® Cattle Drench5L | 4/case-
9711BioZymeSure Champ® Climate Control Gel80ml | 12/case-
9684BioZymeVita Charge® HydraBoost Concentrate1gal | 4/case-
1425BioZymeSure Champ® Liquid Boost®32oz | 10/case-
2284BioZymeSure Champ® Liquid Boost®2.5gal | 2/case-
9706BioZymeAppetite Plus Gel60ml | 12/case-
9707BioZymeAppetite Plus Gel300ml | 12/case-
9756BioZymeSure Champ® Clench Gel30ml | 12/case-
9702BioZymeBackyard Boost™ Daily Essentials2.5lb | 8/case-
2046BioZymeVitalize® Equine Recovery Gel30ml12
1426BioZymeVitalize® Alimend® | Equine64oz6
9735BioZymeVitalize® Blazin' | Equine32oz6
1828BioZymeVitalize® Dog Recovery Gel15ml12
1629-Show Bloom50lb40
780Green Meadows Forage Natural Fill®50lb40
700KentWinning Fill50lb42
778-TNT Show50lb40
1310Green Meadows Forage Auto Pilot25lb80
2400ECS BrandsFiber Plus™Fiber Plus50lb40
2414ECS BrandsFiber Plus™Fiber Plus2000lb1
30081Lowe's Purple VisionBuck-A-Roo w/rum | Pellet50lb40
61101Lowe's Purple VisionCenter Stage with Bov.50lb40
30061Lowe's Purple VisionExcalibur III w/rum | Pellet50lb40
30071Lowe's Purple VisionGussy Up w/rum | Pellet50lb40
30191Lowe's Purple VisionTrigger w/rum | Pellet50lb40
30181Lowe's Purple VisionShockwave50lb40
40651Lowe's Purple VisionStimulator | Pellet50lb40
30111Lowe's Pellets & Grain18% Dairy Goat | Pellet50lb40
10241Lowe's Pellets & GrainEcon-O-Lay 16% Layer50lb40
30151Lowe's Pellets & Grain15% Goat Gro/Fin w/ rum 50lb40
10101Lowe's Pellets & Grain45% Layer Supplement50lb40
9850Lindner Show Feeds611 Scud Missle50lb40
9851Lindner Show Feeds632 Safe-Guard Flavo50lb40
9852Lindner Show Feeds685 Show 16 Meal, Flavo50lb40
9853Lindner Show FeedsVitamin P Shape & Mass10lb2
9855Lindner Show FeedsTune N Manage/Burn7.5lb2
9856Lindner Show FeedsBeast Shape & Bulk14lb3

Show Supplies

Item #TypeBrandProduct
11010Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyPrime Time
11015Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyTail Adhesive
11020Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyBlack Finisher
11030Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyFinal Bloom
11035Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyClear Styling Mousse
11040Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyRevive
11683Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyRevive Lite
11050Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyHocus Pocus
11095Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyKleen Sheen Quart
11100Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyKleen Sheen Gallon
11130Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyTop Gun (Empty Spray Bottle)
11085Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyBlack Velvet Hair Dye
11021Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyBlack Jet
11022Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyUltra White Touch Up
11026Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyDouble Dip Gallon
11065Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyVita Hair Shampoo
11081Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyClear Choice Soap Gallon
11082Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyClear Choice Soap Quart
11086Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyBright Lights Soap Gallon
11087Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyBright Lights Soap Quart
11142Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplySudden Impact
11143Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyHide and Hair | 27lb Bucket
11532Soaps/SpraysSullivan SupplyUltra Sheen Concentrate
11165Fans/BlowerSullivan Supply24" Turbo Fan
11170Fans/BlowerSullivan SupplyShowbarn Fan
11175Fans/BlowerSullivan SupplyAir Express III
11211Fans/BlowerSullivan SupplyBlower Cart
11180CombsSullivan SupplyStimulator Comb | Aluminum
11185CombsSullivan SupplyStimulator Fluffer Comb | Aluminum
11195CombsSullivan SupplyBlunt Fluffer Comb | Aluminum
11200CombsSullivan SupplyBlunt Tooth Comb | Aluminum
11577CombsSullivan SupplyHair Shedding Comb
11150AccessoriesSullivan SupplyNeck Tie
11155AccessoriesSullivan SupplyRope Halter
11064AccessoriesSullivan Supply60" Show Stick
11499AccessoriesSullivan SupplyFeed Pan with Handles
11215AccessoriesSullivan SupplyDeep Galvanized Showcase Showbox
11217AccessoriesSullivan SupplyLarge Galvanized Showcase Showbox
11285ClippersSullivan SupplyClipper Blade AMBB
11533ClippersSullivan SupplyAndis Excel 5
11567ClippersSullivan SupplyClipper AGCL Andis
11574ClippersSullivan SupplyClipper Ultra Andis
11654ClippersSullivan SupplyAndis 2 Speed Wide Blade
11225ChutesSullivan Supply8' Aluminum
11222ChutesSullivan Supply7' Steel
11226ChutesSullivan Supply7' Aluminum | Steel Bottom
11227ChutesSullivan Supply8' Padded Floor
11229ChutesSullivan Supply7' Padded Floor
11520ChutesSullivan Supply7.5' Aluminum
11521ChutesSullivan Supply7.5' Padded Floor

Trace Minerals

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
7616-Ammonium Chloride55lb36
7617-Ammonium Sulfate50lb40
7818-Calcium Chloride Feed Grade50lb50
7814-Calcium Chloride Xtra50lb55
7800-Calcium Propionate50lb45
7816-Calcium Sulfate (18% S) Granular50lb56
7837-Phi-Chrome .04% (Chromium)50lb40
7823-Kemin Kemtrace Chromium .0450lb40
7842-Intellibond Copper55.1lb40
7802-Copper Chloride, Vistore50lb40
7840-Copper Sulfate50lb48
7843-Copper Sulfate, Acidified50lb40
7915-Iodine, Organic 9.2%25lb40
8011-Iron Oxide, Red50lb40
8014-Iron Sulfate (Ferrous) 30%50lb40
8019-Iron, Sweet Oral(Peat Moss)12.5lb | 4/case-
8084-Magnesium Oxide 56%50lb50
8094-Magnesium Oxide 56%2000lb-
8087-Magnesium Sulfate–Epsom Salts 9.8%50lb54
8091-Manganese Sulfate 32%55.1lb40
8086-Manganous Oxide 60%50lb40
8134-Molybdenum 0.2%50lb40
8125-Monoammonium Phosphate50lb40
8131-Monosodium Phosphate XP450lb42
1516-Potassium Carbonate 48.5% Decad Plus50lb40
8395-Selenium 0.02%50lb40
8396-Selenium 0.06%50lb40
8398-Selenium 0.16%50lb40
8397-Selenium .4%50lb40
8401-Selenium .9999%50lb40
1272-Selenium Yeast 60050lb40
8119-Sodium Bisulfate50lb42
8424-Sodium Sulfate 22%50lb40
8457-Sulfur, Flour 50lb50
8458-Sulfur, Prilled50lb50
8722-Zinc Oxide 72%50lb40
8716-Zinc Sulfate 35.5%, Granular50lb40
8731-Zinc Sulfate 35.5%, Powder 50lb40
7845-Zinc 55% Intellibond55.1lb40
8219ZinproAvaila®Zn 12055.1lb40
8217ZinproAvaila®Cu 10055.1lb40
7850BalchemKeyShure 15% Copper55.1lb40
8122BalchemKeyShure 15% Manganese55.1lb40
8750BalchemKeyShure 15% Zinc Proteinate55.1lb40
8245-Axtra G 250050lb40
7941-Optiphos Plus 200055.1lb40
8259-Phytase 120050lb40
8266-Ronozyme 2500M55.1lb40
8728NovusMintrex CU55.1lb40
8751NovusMintrex R 2.0 | Dairy Trace Mineral55.1lb40

Turf & Lawn

Item #TypeBrandProductSizePallet
5097Chemical-Crossbow (2,4-D | Triclopyr)1gal | 4/case-
5098Chemical-Crossbow (2,4-D | Triclopyr)2.5gal | 2/case-
5128Chemical-2,4-D LV6 Ester (2,4-D)2.5gal | 2/case-
5057Chemical-Triumph RTU | Generic Tordon® RTU (2,4-D | Picloram)1qt | 6/case-
5533Chemical-Vessel™ (2,4-D | 2,4-P | Dicamba)1gal | 4/case-
5542Chemical-Vessel™ (2,4-D | 2,4-P | Dicamba)2.5gal | 2/case-
5694Chemical-Remedy® Ultra (Triclopyr)1gal | 4/case-
5634Chemical-GrazonNext® (Triisopropanolammonium | 2,4-D)2gal | 2/case-
5987Chemical-Gunslinger® AMP | (Triisopropanolammonium | 2,4-D)2gal | 2/case-
5537Chemical-Q4 Plus (Quinclorac)1gal | 4/case-
5538Chemical-Q4 Plus (Quinclorac)2.5gal | 2/case-
5522Chemical-Buccaneer 5 Extra (Glyphosate)2.5gal | 2/case-
5309Chemical-Roundup QuikPRO™ (Glyphosate | Diqauat)1.5oz | 5/case-
9305Chemical-Malathion 5EC (Malathion)1gal | 4/case-
9306Chemical-Malathion 5EC (Malathion)2.5gal | 2/case-
5274Chemical-Pramitol® 25E (Pramitol)1gal | 4/case-
5869Chemical-Pramitol® 25E (Pramitol)2.5gal | 2/case-
5262Chemical-Tempo SC Ultra (Beta-cyfluthrin)240ml | 6/case-
3077Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedChoice Sun & Shade Mix5lb-
3078Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedChoice Sun & Shade Mix20lb-
3025Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedEC Quick-2-Gro20lb-
3065Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedSunny Place20lb-
3123Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedKY Bluegrass 98/8550lb-
3129Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedCreeping Red Fescue3, 5, 10lb-
3062Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedCRP Mixes$/lb-
3131Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedSwitchgrass$/lb-
3133Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedBig Bluestem$/lb-
3145Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedIndiangrass$/lb-
3138Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedLittle Bluestem$/lb-
3151Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedSideoats Grama$/lb-
3024Native GrassesLa Crosse SeedCanadian Wild Rye$/lb-
3134WildflowersLa Crosse SeedColor Iowa Wild1lb-
1276WildflowersLa Crosse SeedBuckwheat, Common50lb-
3051Turf MixesLa Crosse SeedEC Quick-2-Gro5lb
1148Athletic Turf Care-Pel-Lime (High Calcium)50lb40
4646Athletic Turf Care-Cal-Sul (Gypsum)50lb40
9813Athletic Turf Care-Diamond Dry40lb50
1139Athletic Turf Care-Lime | Safe Lime Ball Field Marker50lb48
5817Fertilizers-Merit 5g Grub Control30lb40
4529Fertilizers-13-13-13 Hot Blend Rainbow50lb40
4616Fertilizers-16-4-8 Hot Blend Super Rainbow50lb40
4645FertilizersMaxi-GroCriterion .5g Grub Killer30lb
4681FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret6-24-24 Cold Blend50lb50
4688FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret13-13-13 Cold Blend50lb50
4682FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret20-10-10 Cold Blend50lb50
4683FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret20-10-10 w/50% SU II Cold Blend50lb50
4684FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret25-0-6 Crabgrass Prodiamine Cold Blend25lb60
4686FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret25-3-3 1% FE, W&F Trimec50lb50
4687FertilizersGreenskeeper's Secret32-0-5 Jump Start40lb60
6955Erosion Control Matting-Green Curlex Double8' x 90' Roll-
6960Erosion Control Matting-Staples1000/Box-

Vitamins & Amino Acids

Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
7703-Ascorbic Acid, Uncoated 55.1lb40
7809-Betain 9655lb40
7745-Biotin 10050lb40
7969-Biotin 1%55.1lb40
7748-Biotin 100050lb40
7807-Choline Chloride 60%55.1lb40
7822-Citric Acid50lb40
7907-Folic Acid 10%50lb40
8336-Aji-Pro-L Lysine55.1lb40
8079-Lysine 98.5% (HCL)55.1lb40
8380KeminKemin USA Lysine®55.1lb40
8109-Mepron 8555.1lb40
8175-Niacin 50%50lb40
8176-Niacin 99%55.1lb40
8749-Thiamine 10 gm50lb40
8726-Thiamine 40 gm50lb40
7620-Thiamine Mononitrate55.1lb40
8553-Threonine NCS55lbs40
8371-Tryptophan Granular Import44.1lb25
8373-Tryptophan Granular NCS44.1lb40
7615-Vitamin A-D-E-K Premix25lb80
7961-Vitamin A-D-E-K Premix50lb40
7606-Vitamin A-D-E | 4-8-1250lb40
8705-Vitamin A 30,00050lb40
8704-Vitamin A 650,00055.1lb40
8713-Vitamin D3 500,00055.1lb40
8707-Vitamin D3 30,000 50lb40
8710-Vitamin E 20,000 50lb40
8711-Vitamin E 125,00050lb40
8702-Vitamin E 50%55.1lb40
8712-Vitamin K 16gm50lb40
8110ADISSEOMetaSmart Dry55.1lb40
8263PerdueSPECTRUM AgriBlue50lb40
8743NOVUSMFP Methionine Plus55.1lb40
8114NOVUSMHA Methionine55.1lb40
7693BalchemAminoshure XM55.1lb50
8178BalchemNiaShure Niacin55.1lb40
7838BalchemPetshure Choline 60%44.092 lb50
1136BalchemNitroShure Nitrogen44.1lb40
8202BalchemReaShure Choline Chloride55.1lb40
2525Milk SpecialtiesRPMet™50lb40
8720-Dairy Vitamin Trace Mineral Premix50lb40
8021-KSU Trace Mineral Premix50lb40
8024-KSU Vitamin Premix50lb40
2024-KSU Vitamin Premix w/o Phytase50lb48


Item #TypeProductSizeQuanity
780430005Valley Craft Feed Carts2-Wheel Pallet Truck | Model F84776A148-
780430010Valley Craft Feed Carts2-Wheel Pallet Truck w/Brakes | F84883A148-
780430002Valley Craft Feed Carts1" Replacement Bearing4412/case
780430027Valley Craft Feed CartsReplacement Trip Spring4412/case
500051317Googles and Dust MaskSafety Goggles | No Vents-12/case
750008511Googles and Dust MaskDisposable Dust Masks with Valve | 2 Straps-8/case
750008210Googles and Dust MaskDust Mask | 2 Straps638/case
780060000Bagging SuppliesStretch Wrap Roll18" x 1,500'-
780060001Bagging SuppliesStretch Wrap Roll20" x 6,500'-
683Bagging SuppliesPoly Lined Bag | White14" x 3" x 31"200/roll
684Bagging SuppliesPlain Bag | Brown18.5" x 33"200/roll
681Bagging SuppliesPlain Bag | Brown16" x 4" x 36"200/roll
69Bagging SuppliesPlain Bag | Brown15" x 3.5" x 35"200/roll
720030275Yo-Ho ToolsPoly Grain Scoop Shovel--
720030285Yo-Ho ToolsHeavy Duty #14 Grain Scoop Shovel--
720031280Yo-Ho ToolsAluminum Grain Scoop Shovel--
720530724Yo-Ho Tools24" Braced Barnscraper--
780007424AHarper BroomsComplete 24" Super Sweep Broom--
780007418AHarper BroomsComplete 18" Super Sweep Broom--
780007420-Broom Holder | Beam Mount10"x2.5" | Fits 8" I-Beam-
780007419-Broom Holder | Wall Mount10"x2.5"-


Item #BrandDescriptionSizePallet
8348Safe-GuardSafeguard 0.60% Premix50lb40
7680Safe-GuardSafeguard 1.96%50lb40
7672Safe-GuardSafeguard 0.5% Cattle Pellet25lb80
8349Safe-GuardSafeguard 1% Swine20lb-
1611Safe-GuardSafeguard Worm Block25lb80
8350Safe-GuardSafeguard 0.9%10lb | 5/case40
7502Safe-GuardSafeguard EZ Scoop20lb | 5/case-
7674Safe-GuardSafeguard Cattle1lb | 24/case-
7728PhibroBanminth 4.8g Premix40lb50
7733PhibroBanminth 4.8g/ Mecadox 2.5g40lb50
8185NorbrookVetrimec (Normectin) (Ivermectin)5 Liter-
1595Manna ProPositive Pellet Goat Dewormer6lb | 6/case-
1596Manna ProPositive Pellet Goat Dewormer25lb-

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